29 June, 2008

The Lacy's

Okay, so its the end of a very fun and eventful weekend! Firstly one of my best friends was down in the Cape, with her mom, so she popped in for dinner - which I landed up burning and we then had to order in pizza, sorry Kerri, I am a terrible host. And secondly, the whole family descended on us on Thursday, for the next 10 days. Okay its not the whole family, my Dad and Mom are in Brazil, but seen as though there are five of them it sure feels like the whole family!

So I thought I would use this blog to introduce you to a part of my family.

The Lacy's are made up of my little sister, Lindsay. Yes, she is three years younger than me, and already has two kids, plus Kyle, much to my parents shock and horror, but I we will catch up eventually. I am very lucky to call Lindsay my sister and what makes it even better is that she is my best friend. Yes, we fight and argue, but no matter what we have each others backs, and we both know that.

Lindsay married Mark in 2002, and it feels like he has always just been part of our family. Him and Francois, are like to peas in a pod, which is not always a good thing, especially when there is red wine around (and when you through my Mom into the mix, things are bound to get crazy). Along with Mark, came Kyle. What an amazing young man he has become.

Mark and Lindsay, have since had two more little boys, Devon and Adam. Yes, I know I am biased, but they are seriously the cutest kids on the block. Adam, we are still getting to know, he is just three months old, but Devon is just unbelievable. He does not stop talking from the time he opens his eyes, and he is wise beyond his three little years - and he will tell you that. Francois and I are both so proud to be Godparents to both of them.

So that's the Lacy's, definitely the biggest and loudest part of our family, but without them it would just not be family.

More on the rest of our family later...

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Miller said...

Thanks Hayley you introduced us so nicely, we definately sre the LOUDEST and biggest part of the family.