20 June, 2008

Good luck Sweetie!

Okay, so my husband started running a few months back. Yes, he has started it before but it always fades out at some point. Well not this time, he has been running his back side off (literally, he has lost 10kg's - bastard!) and joined a running club here in the Strand. So this Saturday he is attempting his first 21km race. I actually don't know who is more nervous him or me - okay maybe him.

But anyway, I know he is going to make it. So this is too wish him good luck and to tell him how proud I am of him. I wish I could be there with him (not running of course, just supporting on the side).

Good luck Sweetie!

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The Running Golfer said...

My Sweetie!!!!!!! Thank you so much. I hope I can make you proud. Don`t worry, I`ll be fine, I promise.

Always yours