05 January, 2016

Conversations before 8:30...

Well more like...what comes out of my mouth to two seven month olds and two bulldogs...all before 8:30...
"Harper, please stop kicking your brother in the head!"
"How can you both be wanting the same ugly rattle? Jackson...it's your sisters turn!"
"Jackson please stop driving into Charlie!"
"Harper...he just touched you for a second...it's not the end of the world!"
"Jackson please stop touching your sister!"
"Oh crap...do I need to feed you guys!"
"Jackson! You cannot climb head first out off the play thing"
"Right lets see who can stop crying first!"
"Oh sorry boy, I just stuffed oats all the way up your nose"
"Henry will you stop trying to break down the security gate!"
"Harper...the milk is exactly the same as you've always had...no need to gag!"
"Who is ready for bed?"

And we are only seven months in!

29 November, 2015

Happening now..

PS. yes...Jackson is in the pink walker and Harper in the blue...

2:27 am

And this was my view this morning...
...and trying to figure out how the hell I was going to fit back in...

03 November, 2015

Our pregnancy journey: Telling the family

There are not many moments during an IVF process, that you can keep secret. Especially from family and close friends. Everything is pretty much an open book. Not many moments that you can plan cute little surprises - something I used to dream and plan about doing. So when we were waiting out the very long two week wait...we decided to tell our families that we would only be getting the results the day after we were actually getting our results - gosh is that even proper english?!

For one, it would allow us to deal with a negative result and two we would maybe just surprise them a little...

So on the 3 November, from the parking lot we skyped New Zealand, and later that night we revealed all to our family here in Joburg...

This is how it went down...a year a go today...

I can watch that over and over...and it still brings the biggest smile to my face...

10 October, 2015

Daddy's girl.

They way she looks at him...I think it's safe to say, they are both smitten...
...and my position as the number one girl in the house as officially been lost. That's okay.

29 September, 2015

'The scariest moment is always just before you start' - Stephen King

In three weeks time, I will be half way through my first day back at work, after five months of maternity leave. To say that emotions are running high...is a bit of an under statement - I just cried my eyes out all the way home from the shops - how the hell did five months go so quickly?

The thing is,..a part of me is super excited to get back to work, to get back to a routine, to get back into high heels for heaven sake! I love my job, I love the people I get to interact with all day...and I know that I need to work, for my own sake. But my gosh, how I am possibly going to leave my two little babies?

So right now, I'm trying to take it slow, trying to take in every little thing. But also trying to leave home a little more...just so that my heart gets used to leaving them.

I am also so very grateful.

So grateful to the company I work for. For allowing me the fully paid time off. To my team, who has had to put in extra time, pick up extra work load...and I am sure, all the balls I dropped - due to my pregnancy brain.

Grateful to have not only spent the time with my babies...but I've been able to spend time with friends. Quick breakfasts and coffee dates have been life saving at times.

Grateful to have friends and family who are literally down the road, and will be there at a drop of a hat in case we need anything.

But most importantly, I am so very grateful to have found a lady to take care of Harper and Jackson. Who already loves our babies. Who I know will look after them, like they are her own. Having her in our life has made me going back to work so much easier.

But, oh my hat...I am going to miss these two little humans.
This might be the hardest thing I do. But it's the right thing for me. For us.
I will be okay.

24 September, 2015

04 September, 2015

Bumbo ïng it.

So this little boy {all of 3 months}, thinks he is big and strong enough to sit in his Bumbo...and the scary thing is - he kinda is!

20 August, 2015

For you...yes you!

When friends of ours fell pregnant with twins over two years ago, I remember them telling us how overwhelmed they were by the support they received. I remember us laughing as to whether it was because people felt so sorry for them, knowing what life was about to become with twins.
Little did we know that two years later we would feel that same amount of love.

So this is for you. All of you. Thank you.

Thank you for every single message of congratulations and support.
Thank you for every single like on facebook and instagram - we know, we do go a little overboard with the pics. We are sorry. Not sorry.
Thank you for every single tweet, comment and whatsapp message - we're sorry if we havent replied to them all, but we've read everyone.
Thank you for the incredible, mind blowing gifts and cards we have received. From all over the world, from people we haven't met, from people we haven't seen in years, from IRL and online friends - 3 months in and I'm still working on those thank you notes.
Thank you for the visits and the calls. For the messages we've received through family and friends.

And an extra special thank you to our families and close friends. You guys have no idea what your support and love mean to us. We could not do this without you.

So from all the entire Malherbe household...who are still blown away by all this...one last thank you.

09 July, 2015

Their birth story.

Over the past few weeks TF and I have sat and chatted about the day our babies were born so many times...and each time, one of us remembers something new. So before we both head into the deepest depths of the parenting haze...I thought I would document the day we became parents. For us. For Jackson and Harper one day.

So lets start a few days, or if not weeks earlier.

Over the last four weeks, I had started experiencing serious pain. Not contractions, or baby pain - as I called it. I was just sore. My hips and pelvic bones were in agony. I had even gone off a week earlier than I wanted to at work...I literally ached with pain every step I took. And the pain had kicked up a notch during my 33rd week {my second week into my maternity leave}. I hadn't had a full nights sleep for many months, but the nights now were becoming dreadful.

The reason for my pain. My big babies. At our last check up our girl was weighing in at 2,7kgs, and our boy 2,5kgs. Way bigger than singleton babies. Our Dr. was amazed...he kept on telling me that we were going to break records for twins. He always said that these babies would tell us when they are ready to come.

As much pain as I was in. I knew the longer these babies stayed put, the better. And from our recent checkups, they were going no where.

That brings us to the night of the 30 May. It was a Saturday night...and even though I had been up most nights, this was different. I had no sleep at all. My bed was just not comfortable. So I had moved to the couch. And by six o'clock that morning, I had had three hot baths to try and ease the pain. I had decided at two o'clock already that, in the morning, I was going to head to the labour ward at our hospital and ask them to do a check up.

And that's what we did. The minute TF woke up, saw me...he literally packed me in the car {hospital bag included} and we  headed to the hospital.

Over our pregnancy...we have had a few small scares, and each time, it had turned out to be nothing. The hospital would send us home. So, as sore as I was, I really did think we would be heading home.

Nope, after been checked by the Dr on duty, she decided to check me in. The babies were fine, but had started to move.

And that's were we spent the next few nights. Being monitored constantly, and given steroids just in case.
Early Wednesday morning, 3 June...the first cold front of Winter had arrived and it was still pitch dark and rainy when my water broke.
I quickly notified the nurse, who gave me a test which would determine if it was in fact my water breaking. I phoned TF who was already on his way to work. He came though to the hospital right away.
He had hardly arrived when the test showed that my water had broken. Within an hour my amazing Doctor was standing at the foot of my bed.

For some reason, I remember this moment like it happened yesterday. The rooms were dark, so all the lights were on. He was standing with his jacket and his briefcase still in his hand...and he said to us, that just as he had always thought, these babies were on their way. And he was scheduling the c-section for midday.

From there on, it was a mixture of pure excitement and nervousness. In one way I was so ready for these babies to come...but in another, I was so not. We were exactly 34 weeks, and 6 days. I had so much still to do...and to be honest, I was not ready to let the bump go. As hard as it was, I loved every single second of being pregnant. But it was time...

Here are a few photos {taken with our phones} taken over the next few hours...our babies arrival into the world.
Our babies arrived safely and screaming from the very first second...and quickly whisked off to the NICU. Something, we had thankfully, prepared ourselves for...and the very reason, I had chosen my Dr and the hospital we were in. So even though I had only seen them for a few seconds, I was happy knowing that they were being taken such good care of....and that's all that mattered.
My husband immediately turned into Super Dad. He stayed with our babies until they were checked in at the NICU, got my stuff transferred from the labour ward to the maternity ward, spent his time running between me and the babies...returning each time with new pics for me to see.

While it was a such a whirlwind day, there are small moments, that are so clear to me and some that I am glad just happened:
Feeling my water break...and my contractions as we lay waiting to go into theatre. Something I never ever expected.
My parents seeing their new grandbabies as they left the theatre.
Watching my husband take full control once those babies arrived. He was like a kid in a candy store.
My Doctor standing at the end of my bed that morning. The man that was about to deliver my babies.
The anesthetist, who was so kind and patient. He even grabbed our camera and took pics for us.

And seeing those sweet little faces for the very first time...I would only get to see them again the next day.
What an extraordinary day...a day I had played out over and over in my head. In some ways it was exactly as I had expected, and in other ways not. It was surreal and amazing.

The day we finally became parents...